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Lawton, OK Daycare
Our Facility

Safety and Security

Your child’s safety is our highest priority, and we’ve invested in state-of-the-art technology to ensure that Brick Rainbow Kids is safe and secure. Our coded entry is the hallmark of our security system. Each parent receives a unique code which enables entry, and also records who brings a child in and out. All unfamiliar visitors must show a picture ID – even those authorized to pick up a child. Any unauthorized visitors are not allowed inside. Our security standards are rigorous and strictly enforced.

Our director observes the activity in each classroom via our internal monitoring system to ensure that our policies and procedures are being practiced. Teachers and caregivers at Brick Rainbow Kids continuously supervise every child throughout the entire facility. Our silent alarm can be engaged at a moment’s notice. And in addition to having an indoor sprinkler system, we schedule fire and emergency drills on a regular basis.

Even our outdoor play areas are designed with safety in mind. They’re developmentally appropriate, and children play on a clean, padded safety surface. Our playgrounds are also shaded, fenced and secure with no outside entry.

Since safety and health go hand in hand, we also take extraordinary measures to keep the environment at our centers green and clean, including using non-toxic products that can’t harm your child.

And we give you even greater peace of mind with ParentView, a secure, password-protected, real-time internet connection that brings your child to you from a computer workstation anywhere in the world.

But peace of mind comes from more than high tech security systems and a clean, safe environment. It also comes from the knowledge that your child’s social, emotional and developmental needs are being met. There are so many ways we’ve designed our program to meet those needs. They’re all a part of the Rainbow Difference. The more you know about what sets us apart, the better you’ll feel every time you walk through our door.


Health and Cleanliness

Green Environment
A clean, green environment is a huge priority for us. We know that your child’s health and well-being depend on it. To the greatest extent that the state of New Jersey allows, we have replaced traditional cleaning solutions with safer green products containing naturally-derived ingredients. By doing this, we’re able to provide a healthier environment for our children and our employees.

Potty Training
Potty training raises important questions about health and cleanliness, and most early child care programs will simply not accept a child who isn’t yet potty-trained. At Brick Rainbow Kids, we believe that refusing a child for that reason would be shirking our responsibility to working parents. So we choose to integrate potty-training into our program and include child-sized potties in every classroom.

Health and Cleanliness
Just visit one of our centers to see what clean looks like. Our facilities are kept extremely sanitary, and your child is taught all aspects of cleanliness with respect to their use. Handwashing is the most important way to stop the spread of germs, and the children are supervised in this practice by teachers and caregivers who are very methodical about following the handwashing procedures.

Of course, we have strict guidelines for cleaning and sanitizing our rooms – including toys - every day. Even the air is clean at Brick Rainbow Kids. Fresh air purifiers and circulators kill mold, mildew, bacteria and even airborne germs while eliminating odor and improving the overall air quality.

This emphasis on clean is evident in every aspect of the program. Naptime is on clean, comfortable cots, not on floor mats which hold bacteria. Outdoor play is on a clean play surface. And in addition to our ongoing, daily cleaning practices, our cleaning service comes every night and uses safe, "green” products.

And finally, paramount in maintaining a healthy environment, we require that both staff and children be in good health before coming to Brick Rainbow Kids. These and other policies are detailed in our Parent Handbook.


Educational Advantages

The advantage Brick Rainbow Kids grads have when they enter elementary school is not just "academic,” it’s social, emotional and cognitive – all important for elementary school success.

Our children progress naturally because they’re constantly stimulated to be creative and curious, to learn and have fun learning. By instilling in them a desire to learn rather than pushing them to learn "advanced” material, we’re better preparing them for the tough challenges ahead.

Our comprehensive curriculum reflects Brick Rainbow Kids goal of nurturing the development of the whole child. We make learning fun by integrating thematically-based units into all areas including Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Arts, Imaginative Play and so much more.

So if it’s dinosaur week at Brick Rainbow Kids, we don’t load them up with information about dinosaurs; we bring learning to life through dinosaur crafts projects, dinosaur snacks, dinosaur stories, dinosaur counting, dinosaur games, and don’t be surprised your child knows the letter "D” by the end of the week! Years of experience with infants and young children, as well as current knowledge of research and learning methods, have taught us how to make playtime and learning time one and the same.

As your child becomes older, American Sign Language is incorporated into the Reading Readiness program, adding a new dimension to learning. By seeing the letters, signing the letters and hearing the sounds, children learn the alphabet through a multi-sensory approach which often includes music.

Music education during early childhood years provides a wealth of opportunities to connect all areas of a child's development: social, cognitive, emotional, motor and language. Studies have shown that early musical training helps to develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning and as a result, children perform better in reading and math when they begin elementary school.

Brick Rainbow Kids Music Program creates a rich, dynamic and fun learning environment that offers many possible routes for children to explore as they grow in awareness and curiosity about music. Classes incorporate singing, an introduction to musical instruments, sign language in music, music theory taught through familiar songs, and introductions to diverse styles of music. In addition to your child's weekly class with a music instructor, your child's teacher will reinforce music lessons into their plans infusing new energy into learning activities.

Through our parent communication, you learn what your child is learning, and we encourage you to practice signing, reading, singing and rhyming with your child at home. There are so many ways to become involved in your child’s education at Brick Rainbow Kids.


At Brick Rainbow Kids we provide an added security for our parents with the EZCAM Live monitoring system.  Each classroom has two camera angles to view, and parents can peek in any time of the day!  This system reaffirms our promise to you that your child is receiving the best child care available at Brick Rainbow Kids! Click herecreate your own login and password.  Your selected cameras will be approved by thedirector.