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Lawton, OK Daycare
Welcome to New Beginnings Childcare Center

Parent Communication

At Brick Rainbow Kids, we invite you to drop in at any time - no advanced notice necessary. The way we see it, the more you know about the care your child receives, the more comfortable you'll be. We strive to include you in all areas of your child's development.

But what if you can't drop in? No problem. You can drop in online anytime from your work or home computer with EZCAM Live. It gives you or anyone you authorize (including grandparents!) a chance to share in your child's day.

Effective communication should be give and take. Starting with the "give", we'll give you a Daily Report which describes your child's accomplishments, feelings, the day's activities and other important notes. In addition, we review your child's progress with you twice a year at the Parent Teacher Conference. Also on the "give" list, we'll give you Peek-of-the-Week for a quick look at activities and subjects being covered in the coming week.

Our Parents Info Board, the Brick Rainbow Kids Newsletter, and this website also keep you informed about activities, upcoming events and other news. There's also an in-room Parent/Teacher bulletin board to help you stay connected.

The other half of the "give and take" equation is us taking information, comments and suggestions from you. We're never too busy to discuss your child with you; in fact, we encourage and welcome your involvement. As experts in early childhood education, we know that you are the ultimate expert when it comes to your child. Open communication and a strong partnership between school and home give our children the very best chance of becoming happy, confident, actively participating students with a life-long love of learning.

Daily Report

What were the highlights of your child’s day? What were the activities? If your child is an infant, when were diapers changed and how long were naps? Was your child happy or fussy? Those are the kinds of details you’ll learn from the Daily Report – along with other notes and important reminders - filled out by your child’s teacher and caregivers every single day.

The Daily Report not only keeps you informed, it helps connect you with your child. You can use it to follow up on the day’s events, talk about feelings or even plan for the next day. To see a sample Daily Report, select an age group below.

Peek of the Week

What’s happening next week? Will it be butterfly week or will your child be learning about different modes of transportation? You’ll learn the theme that will be woven through all of the activities and curriculum, from counting games to crafts to science projects – even snack.

You might even learn the sign language word your child will learn so you can practice it together in the coming week. The more you know about what your child is doing during the day, the more the two of you will have to share. 

Parent Teacher Conferences

At Brick Rainbow Kids we have an open door policy! You are more than welcome to discuss accomplishments, concerns, or anything else on your mind with the teachers or director at all times throughout the year.

Two times a year (typically in late fall, and spring), you will have a parent teacher conference with your child's teacher. We use a developmental screening tool from the Creative Cirriculum that will assess how your child is doing in all areas of development. We will go through all accomplishments, what we are working on, and where we go from here!


At Brick Rainbow Kids we provide an added security for our parents with the EZCAM Live monitoring system.  Each classroom has two camera angles to view, and parents can peek in any time of the day!  This system reaffirms our promise to you that your child is receiving the best child care available at Brick Rainbow Kids! Click herecreate your own login and password.  Your selected cameras will be approved by thedirector.