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Lawton, OK Daycare

Imagine seeing what your child is doing at any moment during the day, right from your desk at home or at work.  It's a dream-come-true for Brick Rainbow Kids Parents, thanks to EZCAM Live - an innovative internet monitoring service that lets you log in securely from any computer anywhere in the world and watch your child.  Even Grandma can tune in, or Dad while he's away on business.  A parent in Iraq and relatives in far away countries are among those who have benefited from EZCAM Live. 

One reason we offer EZCAM Live is that we’re so confident in our educators and our level of care, we know that the more you see, the more reassured you’ll be about Brick Rainbow Kids. You’ll notice, for example, that children do not sit around watching TV. (We don’t allow more than one hour of it per month, and that hour is non-commercial, educational children’s television.)

Thanks to EZCAM Live's two cameras in every classroom, you can watch all the exciting and enriching activities your son or daughter is involved in. And when you’re handed that wonderful craft project or drawing at the end of the day, you just might have seen it being created.

Occasionally, parents will even call us with helpful comments or suggestions after viewing their children. We’ve had a phone call from a parent who was watching her son on EZCAM Live, and at her request, we put her on the phone with him to discuss what was happening in the classroom. You can’t get more involved than that! Whether you catch your child drawing, snacking or making a new friend, EZCAM Live keeps you connected and truly makes you more a part of his or her day.

Another favorite aspect of our program is our extended day. We open early and stay open late, so parents with work commitments aren’t stressed about pick-up and drop-off.

If you’re still nursing, you’ll be happy to know we’re there to support you and your child. Our Nursing Station is available to you any time and are private areas where new mothers can spend some quiet time nursing or feeding their young children. It not only makes your life run a little smoother, but gives you an extra opportunity to spend precious time with your little one.

But the Rainbow day doesn’t end at pick-up time. We have fun family events on weekends like carnivals, egg hunts, movie nights, and occasional weekend babysitting is even available!


At Brick Rainbow Kids we provide an added security for our parents with the EZCAM Live monitoring system.  Each classroom has two camera angles to view, and parents can peek in any time of the day!  This system reaffirms our promise to you that your child is receiving the best child care available at Brick Rainbow Kids! Click herecreate your own login and password.  Your selected cameras will be approved by thedirector.