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Lawton, OK Daycare

What the Parents are saying:

I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job I feel that Sabrina (Kindergarten Teacher) is doing with the Kinder kids. Kayley loves going to school every day and the curriculum is absolutely wonderful. She is learning so much, as are all of the other kids in the class, and it makes us so happy to see. I talk to others that have kids in different programs at different schools and I really think the BRK Kinder class is really exceeding them all. I think that has SO much to do with Sabrina and we really appreciate all of her hard work and dedication to these kids. Just wanted to let you know!
The Hassett Family
When our son was recently sick the teachers from the Yellow Duck class called to ask us to come pick him up. They were so loving and caring with him as if he was their own child. When my husband arrived he was with Miss Danielle and she was stroking his hair while he was on her lap. I always got that feeling from them since day one. They are very nurturing and attentive to the kids.For a while now his favorite teacher is Mr. Nico and he is always sure to tell me that! He has made lots of friends there and I feel it has been a very positive environment for him!

The Russomanno Family

We love Brick Rainbow Kids and have used this daycare since our eldest was three (five years now). We love the staff, who have been loving and attentive towards our daughters. We also love the cleanliness of the space, the indoor gym for cold days, and the outdoor space as well! I recommend this program to my friends as Brick Rainbow Kids has consistently met my family's needs.

The Farrell Family


I remember taking a tour of Brick Rainbow Kids with my daughter, Payton, last year. She was only 2 years old at the time. I didn't know what to expect at all. A woman named Lil gave me the tour and provided me with a ton of information. She was great with Payton. Lil even suggested letting Payton go into the classroom and participate with them while she discussed the program with me. The whole time I could watch Payton on the monitor in the office.  I have never seen Payton adapt to a new environment that quickly. She jumped right in and was singing and dancing. She didn't want to leave that day, she wanted to stay and play.  I signed up her for classes. Payton is only a part time preschool student. However, she begs me to go to school everyday. We live close to the school, so we drive past it all of the time. Every time we pass the school, Payton yells out "that's my school! Can I go there now???"

My son also attended school there last year for 2 months when his preschool shut down unexpectedly. I want to say that I walked into the office and was told that you had room for him to attend right away. We were welcomed in as if we were family. He was in the Pre-K program and he loved it as well. He fit right in and made new friends. His teachers were fantastic. I was so impressed with the graduation ceremony. Our whole family attended the ceremony and thought it was great. The songs, gowns and diplomas were excellent and very professional.

I plan on sending Payton more days next year to prepare her for Kindergarten. I love that there is a security system to enter the building, that the building and classrooms are freshly painted and spacious. The facility is very clean and welcoming. The new coffee machine is great as well as the new indoor gym. The teachers are incredible. They are so dedicated and caring. One of my favorite features in the EZ Cam where I can monitor Payton during the day. I like knowing that I can check up on her.

The Haffner Family


This is Nicholas’ third school in a year due to our recent move and I have noticed a significant difference in his attitude since joining Brick Rainbow just a month ago. He comes home almost daily and talks about the activities he did every day – I used to have to drag it out of him. Yesterday we were sitting down talking and we discussed our plans for this Saturday and he just suddenly rattled off all the days of the week in Spanish! It was amazing. I don’t even know them! Whenever I talk about a color he tells me the Spanish name. When I say certain words he will tell me what letter it starts with. And almost daily he seems to want to give himself a refresher course in the sounds of each letter and starts to say various words and confirm the letter they begin with. I try to check the EZCam a couple of times a week to see him and every time I do he looks happy and engaged in what he is doing. He has never come home with a complaint about a child or teacher or the place in general, and that is a first from our experience with other schools. We’re so happy to have found Brick Rainbow Kids and are looking forward to the Summer Camp and hopefully even Kindergarten!

Thanks so much to Miss Maryann and Miss Kathy for making Nicholas feel so welcome in the Green Frogs room and for making Chris and I so confident our son is on the path to endless learning and fun!

The Brown Family


We have had a most positive experience at Brick Rainbow Kids. Our family and our day care needs are unique so we are extremely grateful for the sensitivity and willingness to accommodate we have found at Brick Rainbow Kids. Our four year old, who has special needs, looks forward to her days in the Green Frogs group and we know that she is being cared for and challenged while she is there. When it came time to send our 5 month old to day care I was sad to have to leave her, but completely confident in the care she would receive from the loving staff at Brick Rainbow Kids.

The Holmes Family



Our son Brian LOVES being at Brick Rainbow Kids! The Brown Bears Teachers tell us how much they love his smile, and they look forward to the days when he's in school. We feel at ease knowing that he's in a safe, happy and fun environment where he is loved and cared for.


The Flynn Family


My daughter has attended this school for 3 years now and my husband and I cannot express just how happy we are that we made this our choice. Our daughter was 16 months old when we enrolled her and it was a difficult decision to put her in daycare but we knew we needed to start the separation process at some point. We looked at several schools and none were up to our standards, we knew this was the place for our daughter and for us. When we went on our visit o Rainbow the director took us around the school and she introduced us to who would be our daughters first teacher, Miss Michelle (Wakefield). Miss Michelle instantly took to her and kept her for a while while I spoke to the director. It was obvious that she knew exactly how to interact with children. I had the opportunity to observe her that day and I think my daughter and I fell in love with her before we even officially enrolled. She interacted with my child as if she were her own. She was not only a teacher she was a friend....when my daughter missed a day here and there she would call to find out if everything was OK. I cannot tell you how much that meant to us. As time went on and my daughter continued to move up Miss Michelle was always there checking up on her. Would treatment like that not put any parent at ease?

The staff is truly remarkable! I have had nothing but good experiences with everyone who has been involved with my daughter. Miss Lindsay was another one of my daughters teachers early on and another one that we absolutely loved! She was very consistent in staying within the same guidelines I used for my child. I would watch her with the children and she always demonstrated such caring for each one. Miss Lindsay is a very happy, upbeat, caring and professional woman. She is now the director of the school and is simply wonderful to deal with at anytime. My husband and I are thrilled that she is a huge part of what goes on day to day in this school! One of the things I love about the staff is that the way they treat your child when your there dropping them off, picking them up or dropping in to visit is exactly how they treat your child when you’re not there.

As for cleanliness and security: This school is very clean! I never see food on the floor, never dirty tables, never dirty toys, I have never seen or smelt a dirty bathroom or classroom. I always picked up my daughter at closing and what I did see was the cleaning people and I would see teachers wiping down the toys and cleaning their classrooms. Very impressive! The security is wonderful....I love the fact that they have coded doors and there are cameras in every classroom so they do know everyone who is coming and going in the school. Very comforting thought when your placing your child in someone else's hands. After visiting other schools I can't begin to you how much I appreciate Rainbow and their standards! I thank the entire Rainbow staff for all the hard work and dedication you give to my child!!!


Vita Vinci

Just to share a few things that we love about Brick Rainbow Kids is the fantastic staff. We are so comfortable with the open door communication and the updates on our son’s day. We are glad he is learning to read, write, and learning the computer. His gym time is really fun. This is our third year at the center and I don’t think he has a bad day...He is always happy when we pick him up. During the day when you access the cameras you can see how much fun the children are having... We are happy that Brick Rainbow Kids is like a second home for our son..... Thank you

Jodi Lazarchick

What the Teachers are saying:

I have worked in many daycares over the years, but none like Brick Rainbow Kids. This has been the best work experience I have ever had. Marie (my co-teacher) and I have a wonderful working relationship, and have the same views on most everything! For the first time in a long time, I enjoy coming to work every day!

It is also a great feeling to have a Director that has been in the classroom, and know/understands the stress of the job. It makes it much easier to talk to her about accomplishments and issues within the classroom. I am proud to say that at Brick Rainbow Kids, the teachers get a big say in what goes on during the day!

Lastly, I have worked in many places that I refused to bring my own daughter. However, I am proud to bring her here. I know she is being watched and cared for as an individual. I would recommend Brick Rainbow Kids to anyone. It is not only a great place to work, but to bring your children!

Miss Jacqui

Brown Bears Co-Teacher


Five years ago, my youngest child started school. After 9 years of being at home, I wondered what I should do. The opportunity at Rainbow came along, and I figured I’d try it! I was looking for a job, but found a career that I love.

The people I work with and the children we care for are a second family to me! I can’t imagine working anyplace else where I can find such respect, love, and a sense of home and family.

Miss Danielle

Yellow Ducks Lead Teacher


There are many reason I enjoy teaching so much at Brick Rainbow Kids. Chief among them is that our new ownership creates a positive learning environment for the children while supporting and encouraging the staff to be creative as we can be! We have been given the tools and resources to deliver abest in class early childhood education. It is a joy to be part of the Brick Rainbow Kids Family!

Miss MaryAnn

Green Frogs Lead Teacher


Watching children being excited about learning is one of the biggest rewards I get from my career.  I am very fortunate that I am able to witness this everyday at Brick Rainbow Kids. 

As the Orange Giraffe Lead Teacher, I work with students at the PreK and Kindergarten levels during the school day.  I develop the lesson plans according to The Creative Curriculum which allows the freedom to individualize the themes and lessons based on the children’s' interests.  Working on letters and sounds is a very important part of our day but with the variety of educational materials available to us Brick Rainbow Kids, the children stay very interested and on task.  They are just like little sponges who can't wait to absorb more. This way of learning assures me that the PreK children have the knowledge base necessary for Kindergarten. 

The same approach is used for the students who come to Brick Rainbow Kids after their Kindergarten day is completed in public school.  We are able to expand on what they are working on at public school and help them complete their homework.  The children are always so excited to show us what they know.

The center areas in the classrooms are very impressive.  They are full of toys and games which allow for safe and structured play during this very important social time.  The playground has wonderful play structures for the children to use and the newly remodeled gym just adds to the smiles throughout the day. 

I have always been pleased in the professional manner in which the center is run.  The staff works together and cares for the children in a loving manner.  Our director, Miss Lindsay, is readily available to us and our parents.  She also makes sure that our classrooms have the materials necessary for a great learning environment.

I am proud to be part of the staff at Brick Rainbow Kids.

Miss Jennifer

Orange Giraffes Lead Teacher